Sunday, 13 March 2011

There are no doubts about the 17 Day Diet 's ability to help you lose weight; follow the diet and you will definitely lose weight.  Many people have testified to the super speed at which they have lost weight on this diet, and how it changed their perception of dieting and losing weight.

Despite the amazing claims and testimonials the 17 Day Diet has still been put in the fad diet category with the result that two camps have evolved to war over the truth about the diet. One group believes in the diet wholeheartedly and proudly claim that it has help them to shed pounds, gain energy and make healthy food choices.  The other group however, do not extol the virtues of the diet and believe it is too restrictive and unsustainable; but the main complaint was that they got bored with the food choices. Read the comments of users of the 17 Day Diet

What Is The 17 Day Diet?

The 17 Day Diet is designed to speed up the metabolic rate by using the calorie shifting or eating in cycles method. This method confuses the metabolic system through changing the way you eat every few days or weeks. This keeps your metabolism guessing as to what is next, so that it never settles into a state of regularity; the end result being increased weight loss.

Does The 17 Day Diet?

Yes it does. But whether you should follow it is up to you. In order to help you make up your mind you should read the Pros and Cons of the 17 Day Diet which gives you an insight to the workings of the diet and how it suits some people but is not for everyone.